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You’ve Lost Your Faith (unfinished)

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Another unfinished track, made up of only two verses and a bit of a chorus which I never liked, but the verse I liked a lot.
I think it was mainly the grungyness of the guitars that I liked and the drums coming in and lifting them.

Lyrics for what of them there are:

You’ve lost your faith, with the land your living in
You could disappear, because it’s only sometimes you see
A little peace of mind. Is it so hard to find?
But you would smile and say, it’s only you’re own way.

Back on the road, do you know what song you’re singing?
You could lighten your load, it’s always someone elses smile
All along the way, its only for one day
But you would stare and say, it’s only your own way

High Society….. repeat


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