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Subject: Thermal Goggles

A woman at work has just sent an email out to all employees on the bulletin board system which read:

Sent: Wednesday, December 15, 2010 11:50:48 AM
Subject: Thermal Goggles

Auto forwarded by a Rule

Does anyone own a pair of thermal goggles
(heat sensing) that I could borrow or rent for a day?
I need to find my cat.

– poppy


I thought this was funny, until it turns out that she’s serious. Her cat apparently has been missing for a few days and she lives near a wood. I’ve just heard that she set-up some tuna and a webcam on an internet feed outside the front of her house, and has just spotted the cat via the webcam. So tech.

Sounds like something David Thorne would suggest in the ‘Missing Missy’ thread