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Starlight & Bows

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Another one from 25 years ago.

I accidentally stumbled on the A7 slide on the 4th bar when my fingers went to the wrong fret Dm7 C Bb A7 slide up and down
I tried hard on the lyrics but ended up singing it with a cold.

Smears in the mirror, where nobody goes
Nights to remember, star crusted snows
I should have known, it’s too far to go
Where theyre nodding in starlight and bows

Lip salted smiles make the scenery blurred,
she whispers things that you wish you had heard
Can’t find the words to express that embrace
but the sun shines on starlight and bows

[Guitar bit]

Kisses in boxes I hope they will last
Stare out the window to meadows like glass
Half of me wants all the doors to close
But Im treading on Starlight and Bows


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