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New Revolution (unfinished)

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Another unfinished song, but with at least a passable verse. I liked the sound of the guitars, but the riff at the start sounds annoyingly like the Friends theme tune. I was aiming for something more like Beatles paperback writer I think.
My mate Kevin is singing the backing vocals with me.  Chris programmed the drums and Eric played bass (very Beatly at the end). Should have been one to finish and play with a live sound instead of just doing it at home, but I never loved the chorus or wrote any more than a first verse. The crackle at the start is deliberate and is a bit of a french radio station, but you can hardly hear any talking.

The recording is really bad in places because I mastered it to tape and then the tape got eaten by the machine – I had to pull it all out with a pencil and then played it into a CD.

We can make, a new revolution
We can take, a sound for life
We can fake, our own constitution
We can love the mad intrusion outside

Don’t you ever want to be ignored
If you can’t take everything I know as true
Don’t you ever want me back I know you’ll understand
If you don’t I’ll never be there again


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