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Dangerous Eyes

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A mate of mine Merve Green came round to do some recording and had a rhythm track and some great jazzy chords that he’d been working on. We struggled with it and then accidentally turned it down to half the tempo and liked it better. I wrote some words and tune and Merves mate Sally came round to sing it. Never completely finished but we liked the radio vocals all though they’ve been done to death now.

This is not your problem
This is no ideal
I can’t imagine how you feel
I was indecision and pacing on the floor
The lights of reason don’t crowd me any more

Dont step outside and ask me why – Your dangerous eyes You’re dangerous (repeat)

I could not deceive you
Playing from afar
All my answers
Tell me who you are
All was indiscretion
The games we want to play
I learnt the reasons for the things I heard you say


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